Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, Crap

So this is what home ownership means: excellent choices and/or surprises that you're responsible for! Last night, in the wake if this horrific weather, all of our preparation still fell short, and we came home to a flooded garage floor. Tankless water heater has a cracked pipe.

We spent hours shoveling through a foot of snow in the front to locate the shut-off for the mains. Heck, we've been there two weeks today! Good weather all the while, why would we know where it is?

Luckily the city has an emergency water service, so at 2:30 am, that good Samaritan with a meter key arrived.

We have no water right now, and are in a long line to have that remedied. Perhaps I'll now have projects of updating and insulating the garage to share. It's seemingly a must.

Be safe, folks. We like you better showered.

1 comment:

jordan said...

blah...that's rough. i so desperately wish that i had my own home to do whatever i want with, but i'll be honest, i don't know that i'm prepared to deal with things like this.