The Ark

Our first home together was appropriately named "The Ark." A rent house chosen for its proximity to Brandon's college students and interesting layout quickly gained a reputation for being party central. The basics: 1600 sf, 2/2, 8 levels, not one square room. Bethany, OK, just outside of Oklahoma City.

The entryway -- exposed beams, skylights, and clear view of some awful carpet.

The Guest Bathroom, complete with window directly out to the street. Note its odd shape that made covering an interesting challenge.

 Upstairs in the loft -- Guest "Bedroom" plus sewing nook plus office.

Completely open floorplan was normally considered a perk, especially when entertaining, but left little privacy for guests.

In honor of my sister's crazy cat, Lucy, whom we actually call Lucifer. Also because I believe in surrounding yourself with fun because life is taken way too seriously.

We loved sitting at this gigantic window on snow days. We did not love the vertical blinds.

Are you starting to notice my fondness for deer? 
[I apologize for the junk in this photo!]

Downstairs dining room.

Detail shot. Little photo by Sam Lamb.

Between the dining room and living room as a sort of segue since there were no actual walls to divide the rooms.

Facing the bookshelf and right off the entry. This chair was a planned recovering that didn't happen before the move so is now rescheduled for other glory.

 Standing in the dining room to capture the living room. Added bonus: world's smallest fan.

Love this super comfortable Craigslist find!

Remember the 8 levels thing?

Media Room.

That built-in sectional has storage underneath each seat!

Very high ceilings in this room, as you can see.

The master bedroom had the only interior door!

On the bed is actually a shower curtain from Urban Outfitters!