Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online RSVP

Hmmm... Why isn't anyone doing this?! Haha. We sent out 120 invitations in the last month, and have gotten about 10 email responses. I'm baffled. I thought going online would be the easiest thing in the world! Saving paper and postage was a plus, too. Please someone tell me what keeps people from replying? Of course, I didn't expect everybody to do it all at once, but this is a bit bizarre!

See that little card on the bottom left? It gives our website, which does have a slightly complicated and particular url. Maybe that's got something to do with it.


Eh? Anyone else have similar experiences? I know that Jessica used this same approach. I'm curious how it's turned out for her...

Monday, March 30, 2009


I wish you could see our collection of glass bottles. This entirely free project has been so wonderfully worth it. We now have four good-sized boxes full of the beauts, as mentioned in this post.

Another inspiration photo, via I-have-no-clue...

Peonies are boss. Whether or not the Nashville Farmers Market will have them is a major unknown, but it really won't matter. Anything'll be dandy.

P.S. BW came into town this weekend for a marriage conference. Wow. I needed that like Santa needs elves. To finish it all off, we could be found sitting by the fire at Panera and chatting for three hours yesterday, followed by a window shopping spree at Academy and Lowe's. Strange places to visit in that context, yes, but when you're needing fitness equipment for your newfound cycling-as-a-couple interest, and are planning a garden and house renovation, it makes perfect sense.

Less than two months, folks. : )

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I don't really even care what they wear... You CAN'T go wrong!

Ok, this is serious. I need you to observe the incredible beauty of these children.

Meet Stevie and Genevieve, 4 and 2, respectively.

I have been a Nanny with their family for over 2 years now (so yes, when I began, she was not even rolling over yet, and I was bottle-feeding her every night right before I left)...

As you can imagine, they are such lights in my life. Not even just the kids-- the whole family has been an incredible blessing. I won't even go into it, but believe me! Because of the strong connection Brandon and I both have built with them, we have asked for these two darlings to be our Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. It doesn't get better than that.

Genevieve has a sense of humor like you wouldn't imagine, and will break your heart:

Stevie is the most dapper little thing you've ever seen, and is 5 in less than two months (Bah!):

She'll play on PhotoBooth anyday, but apparently will make the same face the only time she's not supposed to. Please ignore my childish ways:

Her dress, from Strasburg Children is actually true white (as is mine), and she will have a sash out of the same moss green fabric that I made mine:

I asked Genevieve which she would rather have -- a halo made of Baby's Breath, or these. She flipped about the flowers, that I will make myself:

Her little ballet slippers, also from Strasburg:

As the floors are wooden and we aren't using an aisle runner, we're not expecting Gen to throw flowers. I love the idea of a dried lavender bouquet instead (as will her mother, who is a serious LSU fan...), via Martha Stewart Weddings:

She asked that Stevie don a black suit (as the groomsmen will be wearing) with a green bow-tie (that the groomsmen will not be wearing). My favorite part?? Stevie, who capitalizes on preppy styles and parting his hair on the side, is begging me to wear his hair in a fohawk that day! Bah! His mom says no way in the world, but I can't help thinking it'd be pretty funny...

All too lovely

i was looking for a header photo for my site that included a deer...as that was my intention when i chose this blog name (i'm olive green crazy and such a fan of nature and the style of nature). this was my favorite, and least i-want-to-preserve-the-memories-of-my-hunting-days upon googling images of sketches with deer:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Whitney's only reason for coming to the wedding... and she's a Bridesmaid!

Ah, the reception—the wining and dining of our nearest and dearest twelve thousand friends. Senseless. We quickly found ourselves in this unruly predicament, and saw no way to maintain a $3000 budget while serving food. Our solution: “Let them eat cake.” (Poor historical reference. Probably already overused in the wedding world. My bad.)

We have opted for one three-tier cake that will feed about 75 and an additional six novelty cakes that feed 10-12 each. (Note: 150ish guests). Also, lemon verbena water, a simple sparkling punch, and Brandon has asked for a snickerdoodle tower (comparable to a cupcake stand, but this man just doesn’t like cake)!

As this is a 2:00 wedding, we can get away with it, and are shooting low on cake orders so we don’t have tons of cake to haul all over the world. Without further ado, the photos that make this post worth reading:

A Cake Buffet: (minus the large "wedding" cake)

Nut Marsala Cake:

Something strawberry and peach sensation:

Canoli and cream:

Ebony and Ivory:

Brown Derby Cake:

Chocolate and Latte Blast:

How could you possibly have a favorite?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

because I needed another project

My mom is in town this week, and we are seriously crafting up this city. Nashville has no idea what hit 'em. In short, I have absolutely loved it! She's making a quilted wall-hanging inspired by Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life, though using an entirely different color scheme. It's going to be hung at the wedding and in our homes for years to come. You wouldn't even imagine the detail she has paid to this exquisite piece. I'll include pictures of her masterpiece when finished, as well as a link to her Etsy shop.

We've been working on embellishing my wedding dress (can you say BeDazzle?!), creating our guestbook (which is not a book at all), stamping our napkins, cutting and sewing the tablecloths and tablerunners, sending out the last of the invites, soaking labels off of bottles, learning my new silly cameras (as mentioned in this post), ordering our cakeS, stamping and planning the programs, finalizing window plans for the reception area, and and and. Wow. Have I had been a full-time student and intern this week, too?! I guess it's helped that I haven't been nannying the out-of-town babydolls. Hallelujah!

That said, I've gotten some inspiration in the last few minutes. It's serious. We know we need two wreaths for the front doors. Please observe this Etsy glory find, courtousy of seller Haru:

I think it's destiny. I'll begin shortly, and we'll keep these for the house. Killer.

I'll be honest though-- As much fun as I'm having, this week has almost been too chaotic. There's been so little opportunity for quality [phone] time with Brandon. It obviously is sensible to make use of this time with Mom, but I just miss him somethin' awful. The next two months need to fly by. Long distance engagements are heart-wrenching.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[Some of] You are Invited!

And Here they are!!!

A crooked close-up of an invitation with one of my favorite papers:

A hodge-podge, if you will. This gives you an idea of what they look like completed:

Examples of the 2-sided Amy Butler papers used:

Another example. Pictured on left is the print on back:

Same story:

What each guest will receive in the mail:

I handwrote these, and should have taken a photo of a better envelope to show, because they actually turned out pretty neat:

The back of the green paper is this dark floral, and Cheryl used the stamp kit I purchased for CD cases in this post to stamp the Reply envelopes:

The whole shebang:

Ok, the important part: How much did I invest for the sake of these papers that will be quickly trashed? Well, I MUST give serious credit to our university's Print Shop. They sold me most of the materials, and did the printing and cutting work!
  • 2 packs of Amy Butler double-sided, recycled papers on sale at Michaels for $7 each.
  • 100 invitations (includes cost of fine cardstock, cutting, printing) for 7 cents each.
  • 100 rsvp cards (includes cost of fine cardstock, cutting, printing) for 3 cents each.
  • 250 invitation envelopes (had to buy whole box since custom size, but can return what i don't use!) for $14 total.
  • 250 rsvp card envelopes (again with the whole box thing) for $7 total.
  • Print Shop's charge to cut all printed papers (and give me scraps) was a whopping $2.
  • 2 glue sticks for 40 cents each.
  • Stamps of bird and "reply" previously purchased.
That's a grand total of $47.80, which boils down to 48 cents A SET. This does not include the solitary postage stamp that is required. Really?! The Target set we planned on was $35 for 50 unprinted boring ones, seen here.

Granted, I really, really, really had a strong desire to do a straight-stitch across the top and bottom in ivory, but decided that the fuss wasn't worth it. (By "decided" I mean that Brandon and Mom were awfully convincing that it was going to be a serious hassle. Ha.)

Have a favorite paper?

Monday, March 16, 2009

A serious life-saver

This picture has no relevance to anything in this post, but I love it anyway. Why the heck not?! More details viewable at Ink Finger.

I just found this website's helpful little suggestion list. It's an incredible resource. Of course, now that it's been stumbled upon, we've spent the majority of our budget....and ironically enough, followed almost every one of these pieces of advice for financial savvy-ness regarding wedding purchases.

If you're looking for some budget relief, I highly encourage you to view these 75 tips.

That said, I'd consider saving-saving-saving even if you have a generous sum to work with. I promise to save you the tirade, but you might at least consider it. However, if you'd like a few reasons to be cost-efficient, visit the ever-wise Sara. She's the most polite soap-boxer I've ever seen, especially about a topic some find fragile. Ok. Done. : )

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bridesmaid Feature: Jarlee (who will kill me for calling her that)

Meet Julie. She is pictured on the right. Her name is not Jarlee, but I'm sure it's her favorite nickname. On the left is Beth, who, if she had a blog, I'd link, but, I don't know if she does!

One of few ladies who can pull off a strapless. This can be found at David's Bridal.

Forever 21 strikes again. $7. This isn't what we'll actually use. I want something this size but with a leaf motif. Eh?

I'll make these out of satin ribbon that is cut and edges seared, placed on a bobby pin.

Target had these for $11.

And her bouquet inspiration, via Martha Stewart Weddings.

Julie's an earth-loving lady with an appreciation for soft beauty. I almost want to define her by smells because she floats by and leaves only sweetness. (Does that sound totally absurd? Just try to reason with me...) Think Magnolia Blossom. That equals Julie to me. Because of this, the orchids in her scheme could easily be substituted for magnolias. Both are quintessential JMS.

Monday, March 9, 2009

While You're Waiting....

I know, I know. You're practically panicking about seeing our invites, right? Right?

Here's something to keep you drooling until then, courtesy of an Etsy seller who's all-the-rage: Sarah Seven. Please give me 3 reasons why I shouldn't make myself a dress like this.

Yeah, I couldn't think of any either. We have a banquet at the end of April that I'm thinking this may need to make an appearance at.

Cheryl, my soon-to-be neighbor (as in, she lives across the street from BW) came over to the house today and seriously helped assemble invitations. All I lack is some stitching, then we're ready to go. Oh, and addressing. No big.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Out with the old....

Ok, this was the original plan for invites. I liked them fine. They were super cheap, fit the nature-loving side of things, and that green is pretty prominent in, oh, my life, my ring, the wedding, etc. Eventually, when I looked at them next to the other parts of the wedding, they fit less and less: they're boring! It's funny, I've put so much creative effort into other aspects of this wedding because I just love to. However, these silly little letters had never been the focus of any of my attentions. Or maybe I just assumed that to do something more fun would be unbelievably expensive.

False!! Ingenuity beats spending big bucks any day.

So, I blame Jessica. She made up her invites last weekend, and it lit a fire under me. Of course, she is a graphic designer with a great eye, so it's to be expected, right? ; ) Jessica's handmade masterpieces:

Our plan ended up being SO easy, and even cheaper than my Target invitations that got the boot. I'll leave you with this picture until I'm finished; Amy Butler is the mack daddy. Her papers are the new foundation for our invites, which are already printed off but still have to be put together.

You AREN'T going to believe this price breakdown. Seriously. Details to come.

I'll be in Oklahoma City to be with my boy this week for Spring Break, and I'll be working like crazy addressing and assembling (which is heaven, so please don't mistake that for complaining)... Cara and Cheryl, get ready.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I want freedom.

"I must learn to love the fool in me--the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool." -- Theodore I. Rubin, MD

found on Cup of Jo

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lemme take ya Picksha

Lena Corwin is a god. Period. Short explanation: Comforter sized tapestries that were on sale at Urban Outfitters for $20 each. Will hang from clothesline on the lawn of the church. Guests will stroll by and have their pictures snapped in front of the fabric pattern they prefer on their way to the reception while we're inside having our formals taken.

Double the fun: We bought five super cheap plastic cameras, the Holga and Lomo variety (research them at Lomography.com but look around Fred Flare and Amazon to find ones that use 35mm and not medium-format film), because they’re famous for their weird light leaks and unpredictable effects. Think 70’s and 80’s photography meets lens flares. This would be the reason we’re having five more photographers. Friends of mine who dabble with funky photos have volunteered to help us with this effort.

I’m posting photos of my inspiration, then of the actual patterns on the tapestries I purchased, and, finally, some sample shots from these psychedelic cameras. When it’s over, we’ll have these developed in film and on CD. We’ll have pictures of all our guests that will cooperate in a really interesting setting. I am confident that these photos will be something I absolutely cherish.

Lena's wedding, found on Martha Stewart, shown in next 2 photos:

4 Tapestries, purchased from Urban Outfitters, on sale for $20 each. We're using them in the house, too.

Example of a photo taken with a Fisheye camera ($40 on Amazon):

Example of a photo taken with a Holga Camera ($30 on Amazon):

Example of a photo taken with Lomo Super Sampler ($35 on Amazon):