Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miniature Vision, Option B

Remember the plan to give examples of Visions? Here is the second -- and boy, is it bright?! This entire wedding was built around the chair seen on the second page. With a piece that's that much fun, how could the rest of it not continue that whimsical but elegant electricity?

Sharing option 3 this afternoon! Think Pencil Bouquets...


Jen said...

I wish you had your blog when I got married. On second thought, I wish there had been such a thing as blogs when I got married. Geez. I'm old.

I love this - and I was the person who did all black and white (with a little pink) at my wedding - afraid of color. But, see, you make it all work.

Can you please pass along your talent to me for one day? It would have to be a holiday, though, because I would need a FULL day to get the most of it.

When you come to Nashville, how about a cup of coffee and a design lesson? :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this Ashley! I love the colors!
-Kristin Moyer