Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Personality Board #16 + Visions of Awesome

In honor of my desire to be outside picnicing and taking hundreds of light-leaking photographs, I want to share this wedding I've dreamt up for no one in particular. Someone, please make this your wedding, and send me photos. I'll die satisfied.

Speaking of wedding design, let's talk about making plans in the beginning, and how much it helps to start with the end in mind! One of the first steps that I take with a couple planning their wedding is hashing out their vision. Sometimes that means they spill trillions of minute details that are incredibly personal, or in occasional other circumstances, they realize at this moment that they have no idea what they want. Some requests are as simple as "Please-no-pink-or-I'll-die" and "Classic." Others can throw an exciting curve ball, like Kristin&Dustin, who asked for Vintage Romance and Marvel Comics.

Whatever challenging wants they throw out, or fears they make known, I make it my job to make it work, and present the smathering of ideas in a cohesive form -- the "Vision." Once complete, this can range from 15-30 digital pages and a shopping + projects list. Think suggested gown and all accessories, attire to outfit your whole bridal party, ceremony and reception decorations, custom invitation suite design (upon request), and the like. As this is the rolling ball for the entire planning process, this is also an option I present to couples who can do most of their work but really desire help pulling things together and want some creative ideas.

Yes, I've shared Personality Boards on the site, but these are personality boards on steroids. I'd like to share three examples of hypothetical Visions with you, each posted separately. Option A is glamorous and elegant, undeniably feminine. Option B is bright, electrifying, and impossible to not smile when in attendance. Option C is handmade, adorable, and gives me the same feeling as when I watch "You've Got Mail."

Look for these little gems following this post, and please -- Chime in with your favorites, other styles you'd like to see examples of, and if you'd like help with assembling a vision for your wedding or home!

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