Monday, January 31, 2011

Eco-Shopping: Worth it?

I have a hard time distinguishing between relentless "greenwashing" (the fraudulent act of claiming environmental friendliness just for the sake of sale trends) and knowing that a product truly is making a significant improvement over its chemical-laden counterpart. Cleaning supplies get me every time because I hate to knowingly fill the air with toxins when my very motivation to rid our space of dirt was for our family's safety. No? Also, food.

Areas that I have a harder time knowing the benefits of: clothing and furniture. It won't take me two seconds to admit that a very large part of my hesitation is price related. Is it possible that I'm talking about an unknown opportunity cost?? {Note: Microeconomics was just proved useful, and Professor Maryanne Meiners may have one redeeming quality for having successfully conveyed that concept. No charge for that vocab lesson.}

This brings me to a company I happened over today via Design*Sponge, where a spectacular yellow lacquered stool was featured. Upon reviewing the Branch Home store, I noticed the commitment to sustainability they share, and how all products comply with this standard in really cool ways. Had I physically entered the store, my hands would have been empty and my pocketbook pleasantly surprised with me. Living right is spendy, apparently. Some of my favorite pieces:

Set of stools, fair-trade, handmade in India from recycled materials:Basil "Garden-In-A-Bag" with all organic materials:

A Really, Really, Really pretty wool blanket:
Ok, let's be honest. I don't like this one. It's too, ahem, phallic.This is possibly the most fun pillow on the planet, plus it has recycled filling and is printed sustainably on organic cotton:
And whoa -- vintage leather belts on recycled backing. This is a rug, people. So awesome:
Ohhhing and Ahhhing aside, let's be real: Would you spend three or four times more and feel like your money on that did the most good for our planet? Your household safety? What's a better expense in your mind?

This was in no way a sponsored post. Clearly, as I probably would have deterred sales, and the people behind this company do not know I exist.

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