Sunday, February 6, 2011

Living Room Beginnings

I'll get straight to the beef.

Empty living room at move-in:


Again, my apologies for the silly sideways nature. Oops.

We have a deep blue with lots of green in this room. FreshAire Choice calls it Joshua Tree, which is kinda fitting, since that U2 album came out the year Brandon was born. However, from the chip alone, he thought it was going to be purple. It's a chameleon color for sure, always changing with the light, but never into purple. Thank goodness.


Love the STYROFOAM (that you can't tell even looking at it!!) crown molding and the details of the trim:

By the end of move-in weekend:

Next up: the hallway! Sounds trivial, but it changed drastically.


krista lucas photography said...

hold the phone! styrofoam crown molding?? where did you find such a thing?? :)

Brandon said...

It wasn't us! It was the previous owner's! But after learning about it, I don't think I will ever use actual wood crown molding again! It looks legit and is a fraction of the cost!