Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soon We'll All Be Nudists, too...

I've been a fan of yoga for a few years now, after I finally decided that it wasn't too weird to have someone continuously talking to me about my energy...

A few of my good friends (Katie and Cara) have been practicing at Cadence and raving, so my curiousity was bound to lead me in, right?? Sweet Mandy, in charge at Cadence, must have sensed my ravenous desire to begin. Her move? She set up a 15 day challenge -- practice yoga with her for 15 days straight, and you get it for only 40 bones. Which is ridiculous.

Today is Day 3. I'm in love.

Pros? Posture improvement, the feeling of overall toning, getting a major sweat in to start/finish your day, opportunities to laugh at yourself and your friends (and strangers), an intentional time to focus on nothing but you and your body.

Cons? It's kicking me in the face.

I have a definite advantage in that I'm doing it with two friends, Meghan and Tamara, so we get each other up and going when our shoulders are screaming from the workout prior. My favorite reaction so far? Tamara's mother has warned her quite seriously: "Tamara, I think it's good, but when they tell you to clear your mind, don't do it. DON'T CLEAR YOUR MIND, TAMARA."

Who can really clear their mind anyway?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have no title. Just Thoughts.

What is it that makes art an acceptable form of insanity? Whatever it is, I'll take two. Let me swim in fabric & dream in illustrations.

Side note: I love this tablescape, shot by Carl Zoch, from a recent Oklahoma wedding. I'm am ALL FOR a bride that can pull together a slightly mismatched, effortless look. It speaks volumes for her...and so do Carl's pictures.

Lastly: Thank you for submitting feedback on my banners! I'm actually asking for artistic direction, and this doesn't happen often, folks! ;-) Continued voting is encouraged!

-- ashley sue, from the phone

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Design

You may have noticed that I keep moving things around on the blog. Keep. Moving. Things.

It's worse at my house. Every week when the college kids come over, they pause, then stumble over the same phrase: "Something's...different...??"

I'll keep going until I get it right! This is where you come in -- Wanna help me? I made a few blog headers today (the expanse at the top of the page). Vote for your favorite! Thank ya kindly.

Click to enlarge...

happy birthing freakday

Whoa, whoa, whoa! My silly husband totally threw my for a loop last night. As the college group (he is a college pastor) was all over the house, he walks in carrying this for me:

Funniest. Topper. Ever.

60 is at least a few years away.

Thanks so much to all of you folks from live_well ministries. Sweethearts, all of you, even if I've tried to give you wedgies in public.

-- ashley sue, from the phone

Monday, April 19, 2010

Za Garden

Spring has brought an exciting venture at our house -- an organic vegetable garden! We opted to start small, as I'll be soon taking some classes and always adding more weddings to my docket. My better-than-I-ever-thought-possible in-laws gifted it to us as a birthday, early anniversary present, and there couldn't have been something I wanted more. They even found a raised-bed kit that is the same color cedar as our house/ark, since Oklahoma soil isn't growing-friendly.

(Could I stop the excessive hyphenation?!)

The in-laws and husband filling the backyard bed (purchased from Lowe's) with soil:

A close-up view of the bed, before any planting:

While we were prepping the space, Cindi-in-law was on the porch planting seeds in the seedling kit. We found this at Home Depot for $7 -- biodegrable containers and organic soil+plant food. The organic seeds were also purchased there, at a surprisingly cheap rate, too. After only five days, we had 6" plants inside. I'll move them to the garden this evening:

And the singular already-a-plant purchased (just so we'd feel like we had something to show from our work) was this grape tomato plant. I don't know why our faces make it appear that we were having such a difficult time! Blame it on Oklahoma wind!

(Oh, yes, that's brown hair on me, but don't get used to it...)

We are waiting on our Marigolds to come up so that bugs will stay out. As I've been informed by my horticultural expert of a dad, they're a natural insecticide because they smell so bad!

Any words of wisdom to impart on a very "green" gardener? Yes, that has dual meaning. :-)

-- ashley sue, from the phone

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been all too drawn (get it?) to illustration-style works of art lately, which is such a shift in my artistic preferences. Also on my radar? Nuetrals. I kinda fall asleep saying it, even still, but I'm learning that white space or a linen couch or that stunning ivory gown really is that eye-catching. Think Pottery Barn's Spring catalog. Or J.Crew. Antiqued, full of texture. So right and so well done.

For instance:

This work space is effortless in appearance, and as effective as aromatherapy right now. Soothing, simple, genius. More proof:

And lastly- I have no words, only sincere appreciation for the artist that did this... I can find no history. Frame it and I'll take two.
Surprised with your changing tastes recently? Do share. As I've recently been proven wrong, I'm quite open to suggestions... Unless you suggest zebra print and hot pink. I've lived in Oklahoma for a year. Seen enough to last me a lifetime. Oh deer... ;-)

-- ashley sue, from the phone

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Earth Day, meet Boot Camp

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a tutorial-a-day is being offered a refreshers or those wanting to kick off their environmentally friendly efforts. Absolutely zero prior history in tree hugging is necessary, but when it's said and done, I'll bet we find you considering full hippy-status. Me too, for that matter. My husband would tell to me stop with the soapbox already... Sorry.

Here's to falling in love with nature, like we did as kids. I'll elaborate on that note when I post about the (miniature) garden that was started at our house this weekend.

Click the photo to read up/sign up.

- ashley sue

Application Love

I'm in heaven. While researching the checklists offered on Real Simple's website, the most glorious thing caught my eye -- there is now a Real Simple Checklist Application for the iPhone.

Sweet. Glory. {My most effective method of productivity meets my handy-dandy mobile device??!!?!}

They are the exact lists offered on the website, but obviously much more portable and accessible. As you can see in these screenshots, they offer at least five types of checklists within the six categories.

You can see below that we have the big pieces checked off for the Humble wedding, but some small details still ahead.

And lastly, it's free. That's just plain cool. Of course, you'll see everywhere that they're sponsored by Toyota. In light of their recent commercials about "cool parents who drive the Sienna to boost their cred," I don't find this nearly as annoying as usual. ;-)

-- ashley sue, from the phone

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Etsy Gospel -- Handmade Weddings: A Guide for the Bride (and Groom)

is it a horrible move for me to momentarily redirect for inspiration and know-how? because i surely shall.

i've found mediocre attempts or utter fabulousness from Etsy, the site for the nobody to make themselves sell like a somebody.

this wealth of knowledge they've supplied on handmade weddings is quite fantastic, and much more far-reaching than just the nuptials. apply this kind of go-get-em thinking to your home // baby shower // annoyingly-cute sister's dorm.

here are two purchases from Etsy that were used in a wedding of mine from last month. nightcrawler bout (from seller LittleMommaErin) and ring bearer pillows (from seller RomancingJuliet)... to see why we superheroes are relevant, check out their wedding blog. ;-)

speaking of annoyingly-cute sisters, mine has dang awesome pottery-painting skills. don't believe me? check her nasty self out. (no, her shop name isn't "HerNastySelf," although i'd find that most entertaining. it's FreeLilBirdy.) i'd also recommend my sweet friend, cheryl at FineFlowers, for darling eco-friendly headbands and craftery.

i'm sure you've heard of etsy. any great finds of late? other shops you recommend?

- ashley sue