Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miniature Vision, Option A

As I mentioned here, I'd like to share some abbreviated versions of the Visions (say that three times fast) created for brides and families, so everyone can really be on the same page.

Option A was built from a candle. Yes, a candle. A bride brought the votive on page three and asked for her wedding design to mirror that style, but to be more formal and timeless.

I included two bridesmaid looks, as often those hues can't be determined before choosing a venue.... and because I really love coordinated ladies over matching ones.

This can't be your favorite yet, because there are still two more to come. Look for Option 2 in the morning!

All attire shown is J.Crew, with the exception of the last ties, found at Etsy shop Toybreaker.

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