Friday, February 25, 2011

Anthropologie Does Weddings?? YES.

This month Anthropologie [known for it's eclectic, expensive-but-less-than-couture artistry] launched a bridal line, and the wedding world waited in awe. I'll admit that there are some absolutely stunning pieces in it, and the idea alone of an Anthro gown sets me into a tizzy. Sadly, I'm slightly "whelmed." Maybe because it's their first line they didn't want to give it all away at once, but even with my seeming allegiance to the name, I wasn't as blown away as I planned to be. And by "planned to be" I mean that I might as well have marked their opening night on my calendar as dedicated to ohhing and ahhhing for hours, then figuring out a way to touch the things. I even had a dream one night that I found the warehouse for the dresses before their debut, and I actually went swimming in them -- not like I wore one to swim, yet rather swam through them, as if the fabric was water. Dreams....

However, you MUST check our their photography, styling and modeling. The site is gorgeous. Someone is awesome, whoever was in charge there, I mean. Also, there are some spectacular pieces. REALLY. Such as these:



Hair Adornments:


And even the most precious cover-ups you'll ever find:

I'd like to remake these styles for my brides. That's more like it.


jnward said...

I have a friend that's the artistic director for the local Anthropologie! She doesn't do wedding dresses, but I love the creative aspect of the store.

Ashley Whiteside said...

Ugh! I'm jealous. Seriously. Their stuff is so so good.