About Me

My name is Ashley, and I have an addiction to pretty. My husband, Brandon, and I live in Oklahoma City, and try to maintain our artistic roots, despite the fact that we live in Oklahoma City. This is the story of my life & love & learning & laughing & inspiration & artwork, all through olive-tinted lenses. Look for themes where I show up as a wife, interior/wedding designer, wannabe environmental warrior, and someone who never stopped playing dress-up. What you will never hear about (for their security) is my day job -- I care for twin 3-year-old boys full time. I love them and stuff.

Likes: Ideas, trying new things, intentionality, giving, my nerdy husband's beard. DIS-likes: You singing off key, dyed Gerber daisies, most traditions, satin dresses.

I am available for hire -- contact me for rates and availability at oliveyoudeerly {at} gmail {dot} com