Thursday, February 10, 2011

Etsy CRUSH LeahDuncan

Austin-ite Leah Duncan has hardcore hit my radar this month. Her style is modern whimsical and is so well done! Tea towels, pillow covers, prints and scarves show up in a mix of pastel-meets-southwestern vibe with dashes of mid-century minimalism. Such good juxtaposition in nearly every piece! A little special touch -- she cleverly names each piece and pens it on the bottom. Every item is a personal work of art. To think these came from hand drawings makes my brain spasm a bit.

Like I needed more reason to back her, but she prints on 100% organic fair trade cotton. Yeah girl.

My favorites:

"Outer Space"

"Growing Horns"

"Rooster Tea Towel"

Err, I don't remember the name. My b.

"Harry Had a Bad Feeling"

"Rainfall" -- it even includes stitching! What a cool detail.

I just love it. That's all.

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Cara said...

i equally love. yummy.