Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sam Lamb's Gnome Granary

How she had it looking about a week ago...

And now!

Scoot on over to photographer Samantha Lamb's website to follow the progress of her granary renovation. It's quite fantastic, truly. Once an actual granary, it fell out of use, then into the hands of hoarders! She has absolutely worked like madness, and deserves for her first finished project in there to have turned out so well. Favorite. Library. Ever.

I love that this is all scrap wood that she's repurposed, and to showcase antiques, no less! I'm horrible at provoking the "primitive" vibe, but she is a genius. Her photos will lure you and mess with your dreams they're so beautiful. Her gnome lamp is now on sale at Urban Outfitters! Gnomes, of course, because that is the inspiration for her sweet little guest cottage.

More to come on adventures with Sam. We spent last weekend rummaging through scrap and stump piles (in Hobart, Oklahoma, no less) when not working in this sweet little granary. I might have trespassed??? Hopefully not, and ignorance is bliss.

Later on, we're thinking painted "rugs" on the floor, some fantastic thrifted and upcycled furniture, a wood-burning fireplace, and even more warmth!

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Sarah said...

Ummm yea. Those bookshelves just rocked my world.