Monday, February 21, 2011

Update: Master Bedroom

The status of the Master Bedroom was shared a few days ago here, but after some rearranging, it feels like it's twice the size. There is still much to go (making a headboard, painting the dresser and nightstands, actually getting an extension cord so I can plug in my lamp), but it's feeling so cozy. I love the drama and finished look that hanging curtains higher than necessary creates. "High and wide" is the rule. You teach your room to lie when you hang curtains the correct way. ;-)

I've already been asked quite often why I went so neutral in this room, and I must be honest when I tell you that foregoing color is very new to me. The reason was this: for that bedroom, I really want a sanctuary, and a soothing one, at that. I'm overflowing other rooms with visual stimulation, so I want to walk into this calming space where my mind and my eyes can slow down. Fair enough?

A favorite wedding picture on the left and engagement on the right. Antique lamps were a gift from my aunt, but you've seen them before. Also, there's a lot of clutter on our nightstands. That's real life, folks!

Yes, those are embroidery hoops hung above the curtains...

And a detail I forgot to mention earlier that lacks completion: the friggin' paint. We ran out when doing the trim, so it looks like this in the corner behind where you walk in. Oh well.

This perfectly matched shade of olive (since when do I do that? Oh yes, again with the visual "rest" we're going for) toile will be our headboard cover.

Back again with more updates and specifics about the projects going into these rooms!


meredith fitzsimons said...

GAH. GORGE((ous)).

jnward said...

I love seeing what you're doing! I feel like I'm terrible at getting our own living space to feel cool and "us". You're really, really great and inspirational at this.

Jen said...

Geez Louise. I love this so much!!! I am tempted to completely re-do our bedroom now. Uh-oh.