Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living Room Progress

Ah, yes. Rearranging a room is powerful. Completing it is even moreso, but I wouldn't know!

In the mean time, I did a crap ton of work last weekend in this space. Having Fridays off is a money in the bank, metaphorically, obviously.

The last you saw of the living room was then.

I started with this, and it bugged me mercilessly. While definitely the best angle for watching tv, which Brandon really enjoys, walking in to the back of the couch seemed really defunct to me. With such and open floor plan, it's a waste to close off that large doorway, especially since it's the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

I convinced myself that maybe it was just the really disproportionate [and all-the-while temporary] placement of the green chairs in there, so I tried this. BIG fail.

Then I resorted to a technique I'm not proud of -- "What did the last homeowners do in this room?" They had a curved sectional placed underneath the bay window with two chairs facing it. Beautiful layout, yes, but we knew it would really limit comfort when watching tv. I really liked this idea though because I knew it would allow me to bring the minimalist loveseat back in here, almost doubling the seating allowance. So, on the way to place the couch under the window, I unintentionally paused at the diagonal, and was instantly sold. BOOM.

Tv watching is very possible. There's more seating. The room flows more appropriately. There's not an awkward blank space under the window. It doesn't feel empty or overcrowded, either. Only down side? Brandon really doesn't like it! Eeeeek. He says it covers the entertainment center too much, and makes it look like an afterthought... :-(

And in the evening...
Why yes, I realize that those frames don't have art in them yet, that the lamps aren't even (more on that soon), and that the dining room chairs are draped in fabric. My b.

What are your feelings on the new arrangement? See any other possible plans we aren't considering?


Cindi said...

For what it's worth, I think the entertainment center should be an afterthought (of course, I'm the one who doesn't have a tv in the living room, so that might disqualify me!) Your lives are more about community than they are about entertainment, so I think this config works perfectly.

Cheryl said...

I completely agree with Cindi. Your room should be focused on what is most important to you. TV or conversation/fellowship. My only suggestion would be to swap the white couch for 2 chairs that could be turned easily towards the TV if needed.

Cara said...

I hate to say it, but I agree with Brandon. I can't figure out what it is about the arrangement...maybe it's the heaviness of the leather couch with the lightness of the loveseat, I feel like the room is tilted.....eeek, I don't know. And I'm a right angular person so having the juxtaposition bothers me too. I'm weird.