Sunday, March 1, 2009


You may remember from pictures in this post that we are giving away CD Soundtracks as favors.

Well, to accompany them and once again, to fit some of our themes (this fits Music, Nature, Vintage-looking, Eco-friendly/Handmade), we're making our programs from recycled papers and stamps to look like CD Lyric Booklets. Woot! They just go together, so it made sense.

I completed the fronts of a few today, so I thought I'd share. Hopefully this week I can have the insides pages printed. Oh, and the invitations. That's gotta happen stat.

Yes, there are different colors of stamps and paper, but they all fit into what we're doing just fine. (How obvious is it that I'm not into matchy-matchy?) Also, I must again apologize that these were taken courtesy of my on-computer camera, so all images are backwards. Ha.

This is a recycled paper, kinda cardboard colored. It's a bright version of Robin's Egg Blue.

The left is tan with a metallic copper bird. Right is white with a muted Robin's Egg Blue.

This is a deep orangey-tan. The bird is in a paint called "Soft Apple." (Read: Green.)

I'll update again with the finished programs. Duh.


live compassionately said...

Ok these are just awesome. Love it.
Kristin :)

Anonymous said...

everything looks great! How are you doing all this AND school???? Can't wait to see you in March.

jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

love them, Ash!!! :)

realolivegreen said...

i love these. your creativity makes me sick with envy.

CV said...

The CD covers look great. Just one thing... are you using your maiden name initials, as pictured? Typically the initials used are the new ones... Just something to think about. :) Of course don't have to do things "like everyone else"...your wedding is going to be creative, unique and you!
I'm excited that you're coming to town soon!