Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lemme take ya Picksha

Lena Corwin is a god. Period. Short explanation: Comforter sized tapestries that were on sale at Urban Outfitters for $20 each. Will hang from clothesline on the lawn of the church. Guests will stroll by and have their pictures snapped in front of the fabric pattern they prefer on their way to the reception while we're inside having our formals taken.

Double the fun: We bought five super cheap plastic cameras, the Holga and Lomo variety (research them at but look around Fred Flare and Amazon to find ones that use 35mm and not medium-format film), because they’re famous for their weird light leaks and unpredictable effects. Think 70’s and 80’s photography meets lens flares. This would be the reason we’re having five more photographers. Friends of mine who dabble with funky photos have volunteered to help us with this effort.

I’m posting photos of my inspiration, then of the actual patterns on the tapestries I purchased, and, finally, some sample shots from these psychedelic cameras. When it’s over, we’ll have these developed in film and on CD. We’ll have pictures of all our guests that will cooperate in a really interesting setting. I am confident that these photos will be something I absolutely cherish.

Lena's wedding, found on Martha Stewart, shown in next 2 photos:

4 Tapestries, purchased from Urban Outfitters, on sale for $20 each. We're using them in the house, too.

Example of a photo taken with a Fisheye camera ($40 on Amazon):

Example of a photo taken with a Holga Camera ($30 on Amazon):

Example of a photo taken with Lomo Super Sampler ($35 on Amazon):


realolivegreen said...

L O V E the fabrics!

krista said...

this idea is awesome!! i love it!!