Thursday, March 19, 2009

because I needed another project

My mom is in town this week, and we are seriously crafting up this city. Nashville has no idea what hit 'em. In short, I have absolutely loved it! She's making a quilted wall-hanging inspired by Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life, though using an entirely different color scheme. It's going to be hung at the wedding and in our homes for years to come. You wouldn't even imagine the detail she has paid to this exquisite piece. I'll include pictures of her masterpiece when finished, as well as a link to her Etsy shop.

We've been working on embellishing my wedding dress (can you say BeDazzle?!), creating our guestbook (which is not a book at all), stamping our napkins, cutting and sewing the tablecloths and tablerunners, sending out the last of the invites, soaking labels off of bottles, learning my new silly cameras (as mentioned in this post), ordering our cakeS, stamping and planning the programs, finalizing window plans for the reception area, and and and. Wow. Have I had been a full-time student and intern this week, too?! I guess it's helped that I haven't been nannying the out-of-town babydolls. Hallelujah!

That said, I've gotten some inspiration in the last few minutes. It's serious. We know we need two wreaths for the front doors. Please observe this Etsy glory find, courtousy of seller Haru:

I think it's destiny. I'll begin shortly, and we'll keep these for the house. Killer.

I'll be honest though-- As much fun as I'm having, this week has almost been too chaotic. There's been so little opportunity for quality [phone] time with Brandon. It obviously is sensible to make use of this time with Mom, but I just miss him somethin' awful. The next two months need to fly by. Long distance engagements are heart-wrenching.

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Sarah Burns said...

A) Congrats on your engagement! Yay for getting married!!

B) I love love love love LOVE all the nature-inspired stuff you have going on with your wedding. I'm really inspired by your creativeness!!

C) This is a Wedding Blog that posts some pretty neat stuff, too.

Just thought I'd share that with you! :)