Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bridesmaid Feature: Jarlee (who will kill me for calling her that)

Meet Julie. She is pictured on the right. Her name is not Jarlee, but I'm sure it's her favorite nickname. On the left is Beth, who, if she had a blog, I'd link, but, I don't know if she does!

One of few ladies who can pull off a strapless. This can be found at David's Bridal.

Forever 21 strikes again. $7. This isn't what we'll actually use. I want something this size but with a leaf motif. Eh?

I'll make these out of satin ribbon that is cut and edges seared, placed on a bobby pin.

Target had these for $11.

And her bouquet inspiration, via Martha Stewart Weddings.

Julie's an earth-loving lady with an appreciation for soft beauty. I almost want to define her by smells because she floats by and leaves only sweetness. (Does that sound totally absurd? Just try to reason with me...) Think Magnolia Blossom. That equals Julie to me. Because of this, the orchids in her scheme could easily be substituted for magnolias. Both are quintessential JMS.

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