Monday, March 9, 2009

While You're Waiting....

I know, I know. You're practically panicking about seeing our invites, right? Right?

Here's something to keep you drooling until then, courtesy of an Etsy seller who's all-the-rage: Sarah Seven. Please give me 3 reasons why I shouldn't make myself a dress like this.

Yeah, I couldn't think of any either. We have a banquet at the end of April that I'm thinking this may need to make an appearance at.

Cheryl, my soon-to-be neighbor (as in, she lives across the street from BW) came over to the house today and seriously helped assemble invitations. All I lack is some stitching, then we're ready to go. Oh, and addressing. No big.

1 comment:

kale said...

i'm thinking you should teach me how to make my dress for jr./sr. end of story.