Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Project: Re-Vamping Boring CD Sleeves

I'm sure you've seen this done before, but I'll give you the run-down, and our take on it.
  • Vinyl-Looking CD's from Verbatim, via Best Buy. 60 on sale for $20.
  • 100 Paper CD Sleeves with Window from Meritline. 100 for $3.89. Free Shipping.
  • Stamps from Martha's stamp line at Wal-Mart. Complete Starter kit for $17.87. (We're using these same stamps on our beverage napkins, programs, plates and more, so we'll get our money's worth.)
  • Neat when it all comes together: 2 of our themes, if you'll remember, are Nature and Music, so it's a nice combo. Also, our programs are going to look like CD lyric booklets. Next to these, it promises to be a nice pair. Modern & Simple. I'm ok with that.
Our CD's actually have muted earth tones instead of the ivory pictured:

What the CD sleeves looked like when shipped:

Stamped! That's a friend's CD on display, as Brandon has our CD's with him out in Oklahoma. If you're curious though, google Eric Vinson. I bet he'd pee himself if he knew he got a plug just now.

And for those of you wondering what's made the cut for this little disc...
The incomplete list, in no particular order (YET):
  1. Glosoli - Sigur Ros (Processional)
  2. All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar (Recessional)
  3. Seven Keys - Aqualung
  4. 'Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay
  5. Magic - Andy Davis
  6. Your Love Is Strong - Jon Foreman
  7. Slaveship - Josh Rouse
There's more. I can't remember right now! Headed to bed early tonight. Leave any suggestions you have!


Ali Blair Dawson said...

omg, we are totally using the same recessional song! well, as of right now. we haven't made a lot of progress on the music.
what are you guys using? an ipod? dj?
gah, i need help.

realolivegreen said...

Till Kingdom Come was our wedding song. It's glorious.