Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online RSVP

Hmmm... Why isn't anyone doing this?! Haha. We sent out 120 invitations in the last month, and have gotten about 10 email responses. I'm baffled. I thought going online would be the easiest thing in the world! Saving paper and postage was a plus, too. Please someone tell me what keeps people from replying? Of course, I didn't expect everybody to do it all at once, but this is a bit bizarre!

See that little card on the bottom left? It gives our website, which does have a slightly complicated and particular url. Maybe that's got something to do with it.


Eh? Anyone else have similar experiences? I know that Jessica used this same approach. I'm curious how it's turned out for her...


Ali Blair Dawson said...

first: i really love your invites.
second: i really love that you made your invites.
third: not a clue.

Anonymous said...

i can't rsvp until i get my invitation.

k smith

realolivegreen said...

we did RSVP'ing on our knot site when we got married. 1 person rsvp'd. it was carl's mom.

i don't think anyone uses rsvp's anymore. i recently had a friend throw a fit about no one rsvp'ing for a bridal shower we threw. i told her, and i think this is true, that older generations are the ones who started rsvps and the only reason it's still vocabulary is because it's expected. that's when they invented the word, "guesstimate."

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

it's actually worked out quite well for us! It's been a little over a month since we sent them out and we have over 50% of them back now... the deadline is in another two weeks. So I would say we're doing okay- the people on the fence are still deciding and might not RSVP until the final deadline... But with our website, you RSVPed right on the website- so I think it made it pretty easy.