Monday, March 30, 2009


I wish you could see our collection of glass bottles. This entirely free project has been so wonderfully worth it. We now have four good-sized boxes full of the beauts, as mentioned in this post.

Another inspiration photo, via I-have-no-clue...

Peonies are boss. Whether or not the Nashville Farmers Market will have them is a major unknown, but it really won't matter. Anything'll be dandy.

P.S. BW came into town this weekend for a marriage conference. Wow. I needed that like Santa needs elves. To finish it all off, we could be found sitting by the fire at Panera and chatting for three hours yesterday, followed by a window shopping spree at Academy and Lowe's. Strange places to visit in that context, yes, but when you're needing fitness equipment for your newfound cycling-as-a-couple interest, and are planning a garden and house renovation, it makes perfect sense.

Less than two months, folks. : )

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