Monday, March 16, 2009

A serious life-saver

This picture has no relevance to anything in this post, but I love it anyway. Why the heck not?! More details viewable at Ink Finger.

I just found this website's helpful little suggestion list. It's an incredible resource. Of course, now that it's been stumbled upon, we've spent the majority of our budget....and ironically enough, followed almost every one of these pieces of advice for financial savvy-ness regarding wedding purchases.

If you're looking for some budget relief, I highly encourage you to view these 75 tips.

That said, I'd consider saving-saving-saving even if you have a generous sum to work with. I promise to save you the tirade, but you might at least consider it. However, if you'd like a few reasons to be cost-efficient, visit the ever-wise Sara. She's the most polite soap-boxer I've ever seen, especially about a topic some find fragile. Ok. Done. : )

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