Monday, March 23, 2009

Whitney's only reason for coming to the wedding... and she's a Bridesmaid!

Ah, the reception—the wining and dining of our nearest and dearest twelve thousand friends. Senseless. We quickly found ourselves in this unruly predicament, and saw no way to maintain a $3000 budget while serving food. Our solution: “Let them eat cake.” (Poor historical reference. Probably already overused in the wedding world. My bad.)

We have opted for one three-tier cake that will feed about 75 and an additional six novelty cakes that feed 10-12 each. (Note: 150ish guests). Also, lemon verbena water, a simple sparkling punch, and Brandon has asked for a snickerdoodle tower (comparable to a cupcake stand, but this man just doesn’t like cake)!

As this is a 2:00 wedding, we can get away with it, and are shooting low on cake orders so we don’t have tons of cake to haul all over the world. Without further ado, the photos that make this post worth reading:

A Cake Buffet: (minus the large "wedding" cake)

Nut Marsala Cake:

Something strawberry and peach sensation:

Canoli and cream:

Ebony and Ivory:

Brown Derby Cake:

Chocolate and Latte Blast:

How could you possibly have a favorite?


Stacy said...

I say go with chocolate frosting. It's so much better and looks way more chic.

realolivegreen said...

i love the idea of a cake buffet! genius! i'm with Brandon...not a cake fan. we had cheesecake bites instead at our wedding. that way we could avoid all the awkward pictures and people staring and they didn't have to wait to eat cake. my mom hated it. haha!

Anonymous said...

if he's not a fan of cake, there are always coldstone cakes. they look just as cute as the ones pictured and everyone loves ice cream. and they're not too badly priced.

Cindi (aka momma-in-law) said...

That latte' and chocolate one is MINE!!