Monday, April 13, 2009

Bridesmaid Feature: Elissa, whom I have no clever quip about

This is the our most recent addition to the wedding in, she was asked and agreed just a few days ago. Bah! We knew she was just too much fun to be left out of the wedding party. It'll be a blast having her there.

Meet Elissa. She's from Michigan, and a worship leader if you know a church that's looking to hire... Color pallet - moss green plus ivory, gold and peachy-corals. Suits her coloring, no?

She's thinking about wearing her hair down but with a braided something-or-another going on, much like Rachel McAdams is here:

Dress of choice, via David's Bridal...

The flower accompanying said hairstyle, from Forever 21, $3...

Picking up the peachy tones, Forever 21, $5.

Hinged leaf bracelet in gold, Forever 21, $3.

Coral and awesome, Forever21, $7.50

And the flowers: She'll have more white in her bouquet than I will! Photo via The Knot.

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