Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My life lately

I. Love. It.

Elissa, Julie and I have been keeping up with this instead of elliptical time, and it's truly kicking our butts... but we're already seeing serious results. I'm stoked. Weight loss isn't a huge concern of mine, but being healthy and taking care of my body is, and this has been so helpful.

I won't drone on and on about it, but if you're looking for something, I'd seriously consider this as an option. It is quick, basic and thorough. Do some research. ; ) Click on the picture for a shopping list.


CheapAndEasy said...

I just bought that dvd! Haven't tried it yet. I'm a little scared. I have been fairly inactive for awhile. Oh, who am I kidding? I hate to work out. Seriously hate it & until just recently didn't even feel the need to do so. Keep updating us - I need the inspiration!

Alison said...

your dad is a prof. at letu?! no way! what does he teach?? you're from longview? ok, seriously, update me as to where to good spots are! elliot and i are getting really effing tired of starbucks. lol.

and yes, elliot goes to school here, and i transfered for my senior year to be closer to him.

aaannndd, this is how i know hannah! she's become a good friend :)

Alison said...

this is awesome! i had no idea we had such connections. i'm in heath hardwick all the time - i'll have to peek in at your dad :)

nathan harper? the name is so familiar, but no, i don't know him personally.

and longview is rather pathetic. although, a few coffee shops have opened recently, which is encouraging.

soo.. if you're back in longview before may 19th, look me up! i'll be on campus!