Monday, April 6, 2009

A Perfect Addition to Forever

This little gem-of-a-photo is something I prize dearly. BW and I flew to his hometown outside of Raleigh the month of our engagement. His family was having a photo shoot, so the photographer went ahead and snapped a few of just us. (Cool tidbit - this photo made it to her homepage and engagement session page!)

Do I need to mention that his family is exceptional and extraordinary?

This past Christmas she had a professional print made and framed of this very photo. We'll get to use it at the wedding, but more importantly, well, always. I can't even express how genuinely ecstatic I am about this.

Possibly one of my favorite gifts of all time... I was laughing hysterically, and can't really recall why. What's new?

The most indescribably wonderful and generous in-laws a gal could ask for. I'd fight you for them. Meet Cindi and Shawn. If you'd like, I'll send them a note on your behalf thanking them for being so awesome.

Just thought I'd share. I'm a bit excited.


Julia said...

YOu can tell them for me...because I think they are pretty awesome also...and BTW you and Brandon are also....Can't wait until May 23...did you know that it will be #43 for Uncle G and I on the 27th...May is a good was on Memorial Day weekend for us also...Chrissy and Charles share the same day with us...I think they have been married 14 it is a good time for a wedding, I am thinking!!!!

Cindi (aka momma-in-law) said...

Okay, now I'm crying while I read your blog. For the record, Shawn and I are the ones who are blessed by having 2 AMAZING daughters-in-law!