Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Embellishing without Beads and Roses

Although I haven't actually disclosed pictures of my dress here, try to work with me. Or, if curious, you could check out photographer & friend Christina Lafferty's photo blog. She took some bridal portraits in November for me... and nailed it, if I may say. Brandon Whiteside, do not follow that link. Please?

This is a polka-dotted-organza dress. (Technically, the fabric is probably Dotted Swiss, but you get the point.)

Whimsical and ethereal. I love it. But this is not my dress. And how I have longed for polka-dot inclusion. Dang Ali Blair Dawson for her cool, handmade take on this.

What to do, what to do?! Well, the week Mom was here, she brought her creative seamstress talents to the table, and was able to tweak my dress. The end result is beautiful. Oh. My. Goodness. Let's just say we added some Dotted Swiss to the skirt, changed the waistline to make it more flattering, embroidered the olive green sash with a robin's egg blue little bird-on-a-branch, and attached some trim to the neckline. Wow. It sounds complicated, but it really wasn't.

We googled bird images to find a shape to embroider on the sash. I then did a freehand sketch of the outline and Mom did a simple stitch of it. Like I said, outline only.

Inspiration for the lace-trim idea. Our chosen trim is white, and the neckline is sweetheart, like pictured on this dress (found on Urban)...

Difficult to picture? I'm sorry... but I will be waiting to post pictures of the finished dress until after the wedding (which is only 45 days away, mind you)...

After all, it is a surprise. Although, I don't think he cares what the dress looks like for a second. I don't blame him. Ha.