Monday, April 6, 2009

"Whadderya puttin' with that 'un?"

I have frequently been asked (in a rather ridiculous dialect, yes) what kind of wedding band could possibly go with my engagement ring, pictured in the left sidebar and below. Well, what could you really do, eh?

Adding a band gets clunky, and ruins the balance of the ring. I don't need anything else that's tall, either. Huh.

Solution? An alternate band, to be worn as my wedding ring when working out, or camping, or helping friends move, etc... one that doesn't have anything set as high and is therefore less likely to get damaged.

Enter this lovely lady:

Found her on Etsy from seller ArtisanImpact. $66. She'll be coming in the mail any day now along with Brandon's wedding band from the same jewelers.


realolivegreen said...

Love Brandon's ring! Very unique. PS, your idea is a very good one. It also will come in handy when your ring is getting repaired or re-dipped or sized or whatever. Then it's not naked and feeling weird. Mine is gone for 2 weeks to get silver again. My finger is naked.

Whitney said...

those rings are gorgeous! i love having a plain band to wear when I don't feel like carting around the rock :)