Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today's a Big Day.

Don't worry. I'm not going patriotic on you. My sentiments for this holiday are wrapped up in one completely red-white-and-blue free moment: Brandon proposed on this day last year. The specifics of how and why we got there are lengthy, at best. In short, I am the most gullible idiot, and not only did I not see it coming, I rather embarrassed myself immediately beforehand. The facts of such escapades are never left out when we tell the story of the proposal to friends, but for the sake of my dignity, may I ignore them just this once?

Brandon prepared this slideshow for me, claiming it was of the children I nanny and some of our close friends and family. Cool, I thought, but I've probably seen these pictures a thousand times. What's the big deal? Why is he being so insistent that I watch the stinking slideshow?! Well, watch and you'll understand. The end will show 2 darling little nephews of his with some pictures I'd never seen before. Huh...

You are invited to view "The Slideshow to End All Slideshows," in Brandon's words. : )

We went to Dragon Park to take some pictures that afternoon, pictured below, for you convenience.

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