Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't Look to Me for Tiaras, Red Roses, or Matching Bridesmaids

Ladies, I'd like to take a small break from posting pictures of our wedding to announce what may be pertinent to yours -- Ashley Whiteside is officially designing weddings. Yes, I know that I have a less-than-conventional approach to these shindigs, so no doubt the appeal will be very specific. However, that makes the bride that does go the artistic route even more exclusive.

So what does this mean? Options from simply creating a vision for you to full-service consulting will be offered. And crazy as it may sound, most of this is available country-wide. I am willing to travel to direct during your day. This is a slightly unheard of practice, I realize, but most communication between brides and planners is via phone and email, so why limit yourself?

At my current count, I have compiled 27 weddings of art (also known as "inspiration boards" but these are much more thorough) that I will begin sharing tomorrow.

Bridezillas need not apply. My interest is in helping establish and develop the incredibly fun journey! If you're going to be a sour puss, I have no time for you. Just saying.

Ok. I lied. One picture from the wedding: We just had way too much fun the entire day. Yeah, we're occasionally inappropriate and way too easy to laugh at, but we certainly enjoy ourselves!

Also, I cut myself shaving. Thought you should know.Photo by April Sirit of Evoke Photography.


Whitney said...


kale said...

I'm pretty excited myself. :)

Rachel said...

consider yourself hired for my wedding =)

dbaxter said...

Can I hire you for mine?