Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeling a Bit Ambitious, Eh?

Well, it's been long enough, right? After a significant break from blogging, I've gotten a second wind... or from the looks of this quick brainstorming session, maybe a lot of winds. Ha.

There is much to share, and a few changes will so be evident. I've missed you, friends. Let me know you've stopped by, and what you're looking forward to about what's in store for you (listed below, for you convenience). Back soon. I swear it.

Consider this eye candy for the day. Is that ok?

Upcoming Blog Posts:

1. Wedding Recap
• Getting Ready Pictures (featuring Amy Lynn)
• 12th South and Hillsboro
• Wedding Party at TNU
• Bridesmaid Feature (tie into plans, show personalities through details)
• Stevie and Genevieve feature
• Formal family photos at church
• Reception
• Getaway (include our new disdain for birdseed)
• Screenshot & words written by Sarah Beth/Jenn Showalter
• Link to Amy’s website where I’m featured
• Link to April’s blog where we are featured
• Implant actual video from Josh
• Photo Antiquing feature

2. Playing House
• Before/After of Downstairs
• Before/After of Upstairs
• Plans for progress
• Project Features: Bottles in windows, closet, green pics in dining room, paintings, pillows made, photo albums made
• Gardening projects
• How I actually passed up a $50 yellow upright piano…Sheesh

3. Studio Venture
• Wedding planning, artistic direction, visionary, invitation design, floral design, and the like, maintaining calm and enjoyment
• Interior repurposing, organizing, color- and life-injecting
• A shop to showcase and affordably sell my art
• Considering photography of children
• “Remedy Designs: Creative Solutions for Weddings and Interiors”

4. Playing Dress-Up
• Intentions behind dressing the way I do
• Goals in Fashion, including sewing and design
• Projects
• The outfits generated to tell people I’m good at what I do

5. Life As it Happens
• Cycling updates (photos with Bran, bike specs, daily ride details, the quest to prove that a cruiser bike is a necessity, etc.)
• Farmers’ Market trips
• Lessons learned at work with the 2-year-old twins
• Desire to delve back into music world
• Brandon duplicating his EP = my attempt at album art and marketing
• Updates on Julie (and soon Whitney), my bff’s in Korea for a year
• Lomography rendezvous – you know, those crazy pictures
• What I’m reading
• Occasional personal musings ; )

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