Friday, January 28, 2011

New Beginnings [like the Andy Osenga song]

Last weekend, B and I choked back a few surprising tears and said goodbye to our first married house. It was a rental (that we loved for its location and undeniable quirkiness) but more importantly, it was home.

Yes, it was a sore thumb in Bethany, Oklahoma. So what?
To see the end of our journey there, you can visit my Album of Afters.

What we haven't mentioned much about is the WHY of this move. Ahem, it seems I own a pair of big girl britches after all, and I have worn them two whole times: to get married to that bearded crazy I like so much, and to close on our first house!!

We've lived in this "hotel" of a house for less than a week, and have gone to great lengths to make it feel like our own. Obviously, it still doesn't feel real, or I wouldn't be calling it a hotel. I'm thinking I'll share the transformation, in its bitterness and it's glory. Before's and after's, gosh awful wrongs and very rights. The whole place has already been painted (only because we have incredible friends with the true heart of a servant), I have no shortage of DIY projects up my sleeve (even some building, insert collective ohhs and ahhs), intense gardens to maintain, and a handful of weddings. That last one has nothing to do with the house. Oops.

{{For instance, soon I'd like to turn some scrapped wooden crates that are free on Craigslist into a style like one of these, for our living room--

Both images from, from whom I am also getting the tutorial.

The decision to paint or leave fantastic and unpredictably weathered hasn't been made yet. We will be placing in front of our dark, chic distressed leather couch with nailhead trim, over this rug --

alongside these brilliant Herman Miller reproductions that were a stupid good steal, also at Overstock --

But all of this is premature -- you haven't seen the house yet! How I forget my manners...}}

More to come, friends. Much, much more. In fact, I practically have exciting announcements for the next week. Slight exaggeration, but it's a fun place to be. No. I'm not pregnant.

-- ashley sue, now reporting from Miller Place

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Jen said...

already inspired. gotta make that coffee table. it just simply must be done.