Friday, January 28, 2011

I don't have a friggin clue

Here's the middle bedroom. It has some janky 70's wallpaper over the janky original 1958 wallpaper, and numerous dime-size holes in the wall.

While it is currently great for storage, and will be a perfect office space, file it under the I-pledge-to-not-care-about-this-til-Spring spot. Whatever we do, it will be so much more efficient than the office in our last house.

At move-in:

The wallpaper and hole situation:

And the reality, this one actually worsened as the others improved. We are working out of it and we make the living spaces more livable.

As of yesterday:

There was barely room to walk, but its state of seeming disorder has allowed us to organize the rest of the house as we go. Such a lucky space to have! As it is the third bedroom, the last homeowners actually said they just used it as a closet, and permanently set up an ironing board! What a good idea!

I spent a while clearing it out and preparing to organize yesterday. Isn't it silly to say you organized your stuff so that it could be organized later?? Anyhow, at present:

I'm fine with this for a while! Let's get real. It just isn't as necessary.

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