Sunday, December 7, 2008

This has to be the best way to talk about the wedding, right?!

Calling all bridesmaids and fellow-bloggers (as well as my mother and future mother-in-law): I have so much to tell you! First and foremost, B.Dub has no knowledge of this website, and it'd be ideal to keep it that way so that I can post whatever I'd like without potentially ruining a surprise. Scratch that. It's inevitable that the boy is going to find it, so operation:be covert has ended rather quickly.

My plan is to update regularly with tidbits (including pictures) to build everyone's understanding and excitement for what the wedding is to be. For details about how we actually got together (both initially and the proposal), visit our wedding website at

What a party, huh?!

Anyone know how i can change the background on this? I'm severely new to blogspot... in fact, I don't even know two other people that have one. Bah!


Carrie Whiteside said...

I have one :) Now you know at least one other person who does... which may not change the fact that you don't know two other people that do... but oh well.

Christina said...

you are way precious--
this makes two people with blogspots, and you happen to be the highlight of mine recently, remember? :) I forget how to change the background though.... sorry?