Monday, December 15, 2008

i've been distracted ; )

friday morning at flippin' 6:30 i took a flight out to visit B for a few days. well, it is actually going to be quite a few days, and i am ok with that! i love getting to be with him in oklahoma city. it is undoubtedly a city i never thought i would live in, or care to, but now that he's been here a few months, i can honestly say that having nashville in our past is just fine with me. this photo is of us at the oklahoma city first church of the nazarene's staff Christmas party. doesn't that sound grown-up? we're just good at pretending.

delightful news on the OKC front though: today we will know for sure if brandon is moving into a house... WHILE I'M HERE! geez. we were thinking that it may be until march before he was able to get out of his current lease, but this week has been quite bizarre, and things are working out unbelievably. goodness. this house is most bizarre, but we are quickly falling in love with it because it has so much personality! no doubt, this house would not suit everybody, but we are ecstatic about it. (or maybe just i am that excited. brandon doesn't tend to be the bubbling-over-with-joy type.) i will post pictures as soon as we get to go back in, but i can tell you now that you're probably not going to like it just yet!

this week is about to hold a plethora of renovating projects and packing brandon up... some minor changes and this house is actually going to look really modern and spectacular. i'll keep you informed as i go! for now my biggest responsibility: it's time to call the landlord and negotiate rent. bah! wish me luck.


realolivegreen said...

why were you up at 7:38am? yikes.

Anonymous said...

ah! you two are adorable!