Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"dead" week...

my mood as determined by a song: ben kweller- run

i'm not sure why i thought it would be a great idea to begin an undertaking such as this during the same week as finals! whew. questionable decision, ashley. you can thank my theories of comm exam for my ability to look somewhat calm despite the looming test in business finance (pictured above, for your convenience). i expected it to be a real doozy, but walked away pretty stoked. were i to be photographed at this moment, well, i'd be found collapsed on the floor. dang it, business major-dom...but i'm walking away from that class now (hopefully)! the final there had massive weight, but distributed among only a few questions. it's always nerve-racking when the questions are worth so much. bah!

on to a new project, and i'm very heavily relying to responses on this, so please tell me if i'm losing my mind. deal? ok, thanks. it is my next post:::

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