Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bouquet Love - Kristin's Wedding

As I was submitting a flower order for an upcoming AWESOME wedding, I began to reminisce about Kristin's wedding flowers from March. Why, you ask? I had a great time putting them together, and although coral peonies were nowhere to be found, Kristin was a super easygoing bride about it -- she went with pink garden roses without a fuss. It was odd. Oddly wonderful.

Her bouquet consisted of the pink garden roses, peach equitarian roses, sage, bay leaf, and aeriostynem. Because of those last three, it had to have been the best smelling bunch of flowers-in-a-hand imaginable. The bridesmaids held white hydrangeas and ivory spray roses with the same greenery. Window arrangements were simple - the white hydrangeas and aeriostynem only. Less is more in that sanctuary, for certain.

Enjoy! (I did...)

And if I may say, without giving too much detail -- a florist can always be bargained with.

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