Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sneak Peak: Summer Bliss

I had my first faux-wedding shoot at sunrise this morning! Carl Zoch,, and I have entered into a partnership of sorts for a series of these, and I'll tell ya folks -- I'm thrilled.

He sent me only one of the photos he captured this morning so far. This is Tamara, my sweet an always surprising friend, who is not at all a bride. :-)

As I receive more from him, I'll be sharing promptly. Further, I'll give a breakdown for the shoot's inspiration and what we did to be Eco-conscious and cheap in ways you'd never know. That's what I'm here for, as you know.

Note: This dress is for sale! Is not secondhand, so you will be original owner. Handmade by myself from a silk & taffeta blend. Available with or without the embellishments pictured, or I'd be willing to discuss making you your own. Email me at oliveyoudeerly {at} me {dot} com for pricing, size, or any other inquiries!

-- ashley sue, from the phone

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