Sunday, July 18, 2010

Personality Board #9

Why are they called "Personality Boards" and not just inspiration boards, like the others I've seen? Simply, because they're more personal. As much as the artist in me loves details and pretty things, I believe a wedding to be so much more. An honest reflection of your life and your love and what makes you happiest. Further, when I work with clients for their weddings and homes, I start out by casting a vision -- a result that is like a Personality Board on steroids.
Then on more steroids. They're big.

That said, here's another. Isn't it pretty?

{ click to enlarge }

Contact me for information on any photos used.

What's one piece of inspiration you've connected with but can't seem to tie into your event/interior? Do share! Maybe I'll make a custom board for you.

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