Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been all too drawn (get it?) to illustration-style works of art lately, which is such a shift in my artistic preferences. Also on my radar? Nuetrals. I kinda fall asleep saying it, even still, but I'm learning that white space or a linen couch or that stunning ivory gown really is that eye-catching. Think Pottery Barn's Spring catalog. Or J.Crew. Antiqued, full of texture. So right and so well done.

For instance:

This work space is effortless in appearance, and as effective as aromatherapy right now. Soothing, simple, genius. More proof:

And lastly- I have no words, only sincere appreciation for the artist that did this... I can find no history. Frame it and I'll take two.
Surprised with your changing tastes recently? Do share. As I've recently been proven wrong, I'm quite open to suggestions... Unless you suggest zebra print and hot pink. I've lived in Oklahoma for a year. Seen enough to last me a lifetime. Oh deer... ;-)

-- ashley sue, from the phone

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