Monday, April 12, 2010

The Etsy Gospel -- Handmade Weddings: A Guide for the Bride (and Groom)

is it a horrible move for me to momentarily redirect for inspiration and know-how? because i surely shall.

i've found mediocre attempts or utter fabulousness from Etsy, the site for the nobody to make themselves sell like a somebody.

this wealth of knowledge they've supplied on handmade weddings is quite fantastic, and much more far-reaching than just the nuptials. apply this kind of go-get-em thinking to your home // baby shower // annoyingly-cute sister's dorm.

here are two purchases from Etsy that were used in a wedding of mine from last month. nightcrawler bout (from seller LittleMommaErin) and ring bearer pillows (from seller RomancingJuliet)... to see why we superheroes are relevant, check out their wedding blog. ;-)

speaking of annoyingly-cute sisters, mine has dang awesome pottery-painting skills. don't believe me? check her nasty self out. (no, her shop name isn't "HerNastySelf," although i'd find that most entertaining. it's FreeLilBirdy.) i'd also recommend my sweet friend, cheryl at FineFlowers, for darling eco-friendly headbands and craftery.

i'm sure you've heard of etsy. any great finds of late? other shops you recommend?

- ashley sue

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