Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Application Love

I'm in heaven. While researching the checklists offered on Real Simple's website, the most glorious thing caught my eye -- there is now a Real Simple Checklist Application for the iPhone.

Sweet. Glory. {My most effective method of productivity meets my handy-dandy mobile device??!!?!}

They are the exact lists offered on the website, but obviously much more portable and accessible. As you can see in these screenshots, they offer at least five types of checklists within the six categories.

You can see below that we have the big pieces checked off for the Humble wedding, but some small details still ahead.

And lastly, it's free. That's just plain cool. Of course, you'll see everywhere that they're sponsored by Toyota. In light of their recent commercials about "cool parents who drive the Sienna to boost their cred," I don't find this nearly as annoying as usual. ;-)

-- ashley sue, from the phone

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Marilyn said...

Oh my goodness, I totally made my wedding notebook from Real Simple's checklists. I bought their wedding magazine, but didn't want to write in it or carry it with me everywhere. So when I saw that there was an option to go to the website and print those out, I was all over it.

Too bad I don't have an iphone to get that app, but when I do purchase one, that app will definitely be added!