Thursday, October 15, 2009

Speaking of features...

I have to thank Sarah for this excellent review. Holy awesome, and beyond flattering. PS Sarah will be an official member of the Whiteside family soon!!! Finally. ;)

//From On to the wedding, Ashley has this incredible creativity that I wish I had. I appreciate it greatly, and always think, "why didn't I think of that?" Her boho, out-door, eco-chic wedding was amazing. The olive and coral colors that I couldn't picture when it was explained came together perfectly. And seeing my step-cousin Brandon trying to pull it together as she stood with her mom behind the glass doors, made me dream of finding my true-love. They are the epitome of what true-love looks like.

The wedding was so simple, but it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. Brandon's younger brother Zach sang during communion. He's truly a talented individual. Ashley's mom is an arts and crafts phenom! She made four wall hangings, wreaths, and I'm not sure what else. The reception was dubbed "let them eat cake". A nice three-tier cake, along with 6 specialty cakes from Publix, which rivaled cakes from any up-scale bakery. They had "photo booths" of pieces of 7x10 cloth in different patterns that friends of the bride and groom snapped shots from these funky cool cameras. The best was the send off. Most couples only give a small amount of bird seed about the size of a gumball. Ashley made little pouches from left over material and gave three handfuls of seed in each pouch. When you have 30 people throwing that much seed, it can get messy. Then it turned into throw it at each other. We had seed all in our hair, down our dresses, just everywhere.//

You're too kind. Truly.

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Kate Whitmore said...

Just found your blog through the budget savvy bride. I haven't yet met her but I'm friends with the fabulous Amy Lynn Brown & the photographers who shot Jessica's wedding. I'm also Mallory Guthrie's cousin & your dad's friend's (Sherwyn Nabors) daughter. Small world, eh?

Anyways, LOVE your blog. LOVE what you did with your wedding day details even more. I was married in February & it seems like styles for weddings have already started changing since then. I wish I could have 10 weddings (to the same awesome husband, of course) in my lifetime just so I could do something completely awesome like this for one of them. I'm subscribing to your Because you are way too cool not to.