Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lust, Lust, LUST

There were several posts made back in the spring as I discovered my true love for Lomography, a sort of photography that is psycho unpredictable and a bit dream-like. There are gobs of different cameras with different specialties. I bought 6 or 7 to use in our photobooth at the wedding, but was certain that I'd love to keep them around. It's true. I've been itching to spend a day out with my cameras. An example of an unretouched photo on film, shot with a Diana:

This week a new Diana F+ was revealed in the Lomography line. Designed by Qing Hua, who is known for her vintage-floral-meets-traditional-Chinese artistry. Behold my new love:

And, as if things couldn't get better in my quirky-photography world, an adaptor was just released that can turn your digital SLR into a Diana. Shoooot. Brandon and I haven't touched our Canon Rebel in months. I can't find these for sale yet though. Does ANYONE have a lead for me?!


Ashley Cauthen said...



Ashley Sue said...

Doh! That link is where I found it... I'm still looking for the adaptor though. They have info about it on lomo's site, but seemingly no place to buy! :(

Marty J. Christopher said...

Oh wow...that adaptor might have to go on my registry. ; O )