Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bridesmaid Feature: E. Claire Equals our Vintage Romantic

As I have mentioned, all of the Bridesmaids have their own personality and style that is strongly reflected in their attire. The common bond is a full-length moss gown in similar styles and fabrics. Introducing my silly little sister, Emily Claire. She’s the hopeless romantic among the sisters in our family. Her color palette is based on the moss and complimented with ivory, silver and a soft pink. She’ll have pearls and cameos. If I may say, she is the most traditional bridesmaid in the lot, but this soft, flowing romance is so genuinely at the core of Emily that this fits perfectly.
The dress (don’t knock it ‘til you try it) is from DAVID’S BRIDAL. All jewelry (don’t choke) is from FOREVER 21. Her shoes are from GO JANE. Once again, these are major answers to staying under budget. While their jewelry may seem so important right now, it’s not something they will cherish like we do. For each lovely lady, the jewelry and shoes are theirs to keep as a gift from me (Read: Bridesmaid gift). It’s personal, and celebratory of their personalities, but fits into the big picture.

Emmy, on left, has curlier hair than I do but straightened it for the night. This is us at the Homecoming Banquet in November.

An Ivory Flower pin for her hair. $2.

Cameos! What?! $6.

Ivory Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet. So glam. $8.

This is actually our Mom's Mom's, and Emily is going to have it in her bouquet.

There is a very loud wooden floor in the church, so we opted against heels. $10.

Found on The Knot. Hydrangeas, Ranunculus and Peonies. It's a goal for the look we'd like it to have for her. All flowers will be coming from the Farmer's Market in Nashville.

Won't she just be beautiful?


Lane and Sara said...

You are definitely too good at this. Everytime I visit your site I feel like a wedding planning loser. But everything looks so amazing! You're going to have such a unique and meaningful wedding. It'll be beautiful!

Lane and Sara said...

I'd LOVE to catch up with you! When will you be here? I'm leaving for Little Rock on Friday, so I may miss you.

Anonymous said...

super super cute.

p.s. - not sure if bob dylan actually wrote the song, but that was rendition, anyway, and i like it best.