Monday, January 12, 2009

the contest to end all contests.

i know, i know... wedding contests, ashley? sorry! but i could tell this one was legit from the start.

the low down? we've made it into a (really really incredible) wedding photographer's top three picks to give away a free wedding. yeah. what's even going on? who does that? good question. her name is april, from Evoke Photography in Wake Forest, NC. ironically enough, this is the exact same suburb of Raleigh that brandon is from. chances that i would have gotten connected to her? incredibly slim. don't even ask how it happened!

your part? this is where i ask that you check out her site, and please vote for us. if nothing else, note that she really is good at what she does, and a saint for helping a couple of strangers in such a magnificent way.

you can see her site and vote HERE.

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